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Hangzhou Dazu Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wireless communication operation center. It is a new-generation high-tech company specializing in the integration, application, service maintenance and software and hardware development of high-tech communication products. At present, the company has passed the national computer information system integration qualification, Zhejiang security protection qualification, ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO27001 information security management system certification. For Hangzhou Technology Incubation Enterprise, Hangzhou Science and Technology Start-up Enterprise Cultivation Project is a key cultivation enterprise, and it is also a unit of six-strong military and civilian construction.

The company's main product direction: radio walkie-talkie and wireless communication system solutions, intelligent building system integration and computer information system integration. The company is the core agent and maintenance center of Zhejiang, which is a walkie-talkie manufacturer of MOTOROLA, Kenwood, Weitex, Hainengda, Zhongxing and Xiuyan. At the same time, it maintains a long-term strategic partnership with mainstream IT vendors at home and abroad. It is the core spokesperson of Ruijie Network's full range of products in Zhejiang Province and the general agent of East China's AoChuang Integrated Cabling Products in East China.

The company has many outstanding professional and technical personnel, with rich theoretical knowledge and front-line practical experience. Through years of continuous practice and summarization and development, the company has grown in size and has a high reputation and good business reputation in the professional wireless communication field throughout the country. The company's sales outlets throughout the country's major cities, with a sound solution and professional service team has won a large number of high-quality customer base for government agencies, public security, armed police, military, justice, fire, petrochemical, urban management streets, star Hotels, Grade A commercial buildings, large commercial malls, underground tunnels, factory manufacturing, etc. provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for clustering, networking, and network signal coverage.

The company regards "sincerity, gratitude, dedication, interaction, cooperation and sharing" as the core values of the company, with the corporate vision of "satisfying customers, making employees proud and let the society admire", and "professional creation of value, service to create the future" Business philosophy, to the 21st century IT industry. “Creating a platform to make employees' lives better” is our common mission. We use our proprietary software application systems and industry-oriented application development platforms to fully integrate the best resource combinations of mainstream suppliers in the industry and put them into practice to provide a set of practical technical solutions and services for target customers in multiple industries. To create more value for users. Determined to become the industry's leading wireless communication information integrated solution provider and smart city construction service provider.