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PD700 professional digital walkie-talkie

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·          Rich business functions    

·          Noise suppression, better speech    

·          Rich business functions    

User-friendly design

性能。 The globally patented appearance and antenna design greatly enhances operational accuracy and ensures excellent GPS performance.

Reliable and durable quality

700G 品质严格符合美国军用标准MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/GIP67工业防护标准(适应高潮时、各种极限温度、高粉尘等恶劣环境),在各种恶劣的工作环境中都可以发挥优异性能。 quality of the 700G is strictly in line with the US military standards MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP67 industrial protection standards (accommodating harsh environments, various extreme temperatures, high dust and other harsh environments), in a variety of harsh Excellent performance in the work environment.

Noise suppression, better speech  

采用了先进窄带语音编解码技术和数字纠错技术,无论是在嘈杂的环境中,还是在覆盖范围的边缘地带,您均可获得清晰的话音。 With advanced narrowband speech codec and digital error correction technology, the PD700/700G delivers clear voice in both noisy environments and marginal coverage. 技术的利用,也极大优化了语音接收效果。 The use of AGC technology also greatly optimizes the voice reception effect. 大功率扬声器,保证声音清晰、洪亮,让您轻松保持通讯畅通。 Built-in 1W high-powered speakers ensure clear and bright sound, making it easy to keep your communication flowing.

More durable battery life

PD700/700G电池可获得近40%的额外工作时间。 Compared to analog , the PD700/700G battery can achieve nearly 40% additional working time.

Higher spectrum utilization, channel multiplication

双时隙技术使频谱利用率大幅提高, PD700/700G可在原有的频率资源基础上容纳多一倍的信道,极大地缓解了频谱资源日益短缺的压力。 The TDMA dual-slot technology greatly improves the spectrum utilization. The PD700/700G can accommodate twice as many channels on the original frequency resources, greatly reducing the pressure on spectrum resources. The two-slot call channel in the pass-through mode maximizes the saving of frequency resources and improves system efficiency.

Dual-slot virtual cluster function

PDT 产品特有的功能,双时隙虚拟集群技术可以将当前空闲的时隙分配给需要通话的组员,更好地提高了频带利用率。 As a unique feature Hainonda PDT product, the dual-slot virtual clustering technology can allocate the currently idle time slots to the group members who need to talk, and improve the frequency band utilization. In some emergency situations, it helps you deliver important information in a timely manner.

Voice encryption

还可提供更高级别的加密能力(如256位加密算法)和扰频功能(可选)。 In addition to providing encryption inherent in digital technology, the PD700/700G offers a higher level of encryption (such as 256 -bit encryption) and scrambling (optional).

Rich business functions

还支持多种数据业务和可选功能,如文本消息、扫描、紧急报警、倒放报警(选配)(确保高危行业人员安全)、自动登记、数据传输模式、单独工作及GPS和调度多项管理功能。 In addition to traditional communication services, the PD700/700G supports a variety of data services and optional features such as text messaging, scanning, emergency alerting, reverse alarm (optional) (to ensure the safety of high-risk industry personnel), automatic registration, data transmission Mode, work alone and GPS and schedule multiple management functions.

Open secondary development interface

提供开放的侧面二次开发接口,允许用户或第三方厂商开发更丰富的应用软件来扩展对讲机功能。 The PD700/700G provides an open side secondary development interface that allows users or third-party vendors to develop richer applications to extend walkie-talkie functionality.

Optional interface

支持可选版接口,允许第三方厂商开发各种应用软件与对讲机相连,控制对讲机扩展其功能,支持的功能有通话录音、加密等。 The PD700/700G supports an optional interface, allowing third-party vendors to develop various application software to connect with the walkie-talkie. The walkie-talkie expands its functions. The supported functions include call recording and encryption. 编程人员了解更多信息。 Please consult an API programmer for more information.


·          The main function        

数字双模制式 Analog + digital dual mode

支持数字和模拟两种模式,能兼容现有常规模拟系统,保证模拟产品向数字产品平滑过渡。 The PD700/700G supports both digital and analog modes and is compatible with existing conventional analog systems to ensure a smooth transition from analog products to digital products.

Complete voice call function

所提供的智能信令支持多种呼叫方式,包括个呼、组呼、全呼和紧急呼叫。 The intelligent signaling provided by the PD700/700G supports multiple calling modes, including individual calls, group calls, full calls, and emergency calls.

Support multiple advanced analog signaling

支持多种模拟信令,包括HDC12002-Tone5-Tone ,以及更多的静噪控制类型(亚音频/亚音数码),因此,提供更大的功能扩展空间。 The PD700/700G supports multiple analog signaling, including HDC1200 , 2-Tone, and 5-Tone , as well as more squelch control types (sub-audio / sub-tone digital), thus providing greater room for functional expansion.

One-touch call

支持的一键呼叫功能包含文本消息、语音呼叫和补充业务。 The one-touch calling features supported by the PD700/700G include text messaging, voice calls, and supplementary services.


支持扫描纯模拟语音和信令、纯数字语音和数据,以及混合模式下的模拟和数字活动。 The PD700/700G supports scanning pure analog voice and signaling, pure digital voice and data, and analog and digital activities in mixed mode.

Automatic roaming

支持在IP互联系统下的所有站点自动漫游。 The PD700/700G supports automatic roaming at all sites under the IP interconnection system.

Voice and data encryption

支持模拟扰频,以及用于数字语音和数据的高级加密标准( AES )和ARCFOURARC4 )加密算法。 The PD700/700G supports analog scrambling, as well as Advanced Encryption Standard ( AES ) and ARCFOUR ( ARC4 ) encryption algorithms for digital voice and data.

Software upgradeable

比如自动漫游、高级加密、数字集群) ,而无需购买新机。 Convenient upgrades allow you to add new features directly through software upgrades ( such as automatic roaming, advanced encryption, digital clustering ) without having to purchase a new machine.

·          General specifications    

Frequency Range

UHF1: 400-470MHz; UHF2: 450-520MHz;
VHF: 136-174MHz; UHF3: 350-400MHz;

Channel capacity


Regional capacity

(每组最多16个信道) 3 (up to 16 channels per group)

Channel spacing


Operating Voltage

Rated 7.4V


(锂电池) 2000mAh (lithium battery)

工作循环,高功率发射) 模拟: Average battery operating time ( 5-5-90 duty cycle, high power launch) Simulation:
高容量锂电池 2000mAh high capacity lithium battery

G; UHF2: 12.5h/11hG ); UHF2: 12.5h/11hG; VHF: 11 h /10hG UHF1: 13.5h/12h ( G ) ; UHF2: 12.5h/11h ( G ); UHF2: 12.5h/11h ( G ) ; VHF: 11 h /10h ( G )

工作循环,高功率发射) 数字: Average battery operating time ( 5-5-90 duty cycle, high power transmission)
高容量锂电池 2000mAh high capacity lithium battery

G; UHF2: 14.5h/12.5G ); UHF3: 14.5h/12.5hG; VHF: 13.5 h/12 hG UHF1: 15.5h/14h ( G ) ; UHF2: 14.5h/12.5 ( G ); UHF3: 14.5h/12.5h ( G ) ; VHF: 13.5 h/12 h ( G )

Frequency stability

± 1.5ppm

Antenna impedance

Ω 50 Ω

Dimensions (height × width × depth) (with standard battery, without antenna)

125 X 55 X 35mm

Weight (with standard battery and antenna)



·          Receiving part           

Sensitivity simulation

μ V12dB SINAD 0.3 μ V ( 12dB SINAD )
μ V (典型值) (12dB SINAD 0.22 μ V (typical ) (12dB SINAD )
μ V20dB SINAD 0.4 μ V ( 20dB SINAD )

Sensitivity number

μ V/BER5% 0.3 μ V/BER 5%

Adjacent channel selectivity

60dB @ 12.5KHz; 70dB @ 20/25KHz

Mutual adjustment

70dB @ 12.5/20/25KHz

Spurious response suppression

70dB @ 12.5/20/25KHz



AC sound and noise

40dB @ 12.5KHz
43dB @ 20KHz
45dB @ 25KHz

Receive audio rated power


Rated audio distortion


Audio response

+1 ~ -3dB

Conducted emission spur

< -57dBm


·          Launch part

Output Power

高功率:4W; UHF低功率:1W; UHF high power : 4W; UHF low power : 1W;
高功率:5W;低功率:1W VHF high power : 5W; low power : 1W

调制方式 FM modulation method

11K0F3E @ 12.5KHz
14K0F3E @ 20KHz
16K0F3E @ 25KHz

数字调制方式 4FSK digital modulation method

仅数据: 7K60FXD 12.5KHz only data: 7K60FXD
数据和语音: 7K60FXW 12.5kHz data and voice: 7K60FXW

辐射发射 Conduction / radiation emission


Modulation limit

± 2.5KHz @ 12.5KHz
± 4.0KHz @ 20KHz
± 5.0KHz @ 25KHz

交流声与噪声 FM hum and noise

40dB @ 12.5KHz
43dB @ 20KHz
45dB @ 25KHz

Adjacent channel power

60dB @ 12.5KHz
70dB @ 20/25KHz

Audio response

+1 ~ -3 dB

Audio distortion

3 %


·          Environmental indicators     

range of working temperature

~ +60 -30 °C ~ +60 °C

Storage temperature range

~ +85 -40 °C ~ +85 °C

(静电防护等级) ESD (static protection rating)

level 4 ) ± 8kV (接触放电) ± 15kV (空气放电) IEC 61000-4-2 ( level 4 ) ± 8kV (contact discharge) ± 15kV (air discharge)

US military standard


Waterproof and dustproof


Moisture proof


Shock and vibration


·            The above specifications are tested in accordance with applicable standards. Due to the continuous development of technology, the above indicator data is subject to change without prior notice.

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