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TC700 Ex intrinsically safe explosion-proof walkie-talkie

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·          · 生命保证 ! TC-700Ex 无线防爆对讲机,采用本质安全型防爆技术,可在易爆危险区域 1 区和 2 区安全使用。 Professional communication · Life guarantee ! TC-700Ex wireless explosion-proof walkie-talkie, using intrinsically safe explosion-proof technology, can be safely used in Zones 1 and 2 of the explosive danger zone . 为您提供了多种安全保障功能,如单独工作,安全检测,倒放报警(可选)功能等,即使您单独工作在远离组员的区域, TC-700Ex 都能为您提供安全可靠的通讯。 The TC-700Ex provides you with a variety of security features, such as separate work, safety detection, and reverse alarm (optional) functions. Even if you work alone in an area away from the crew, the TC-700Ex can provide you with security. Reliable communication. 具有专用紧急报警按键,当用户处于紧急情况时,寻求组员的救援仅一按键之遥。 The TC-700Ex has a dedicated emergency alarm button. When the user is in an emergency, the rescue of the group member is only one button away. 是在爆炸性危险环境中工作的专业用户的理想选择! The TC-700Ex is ideal for professional users working in explosive hazardous environments!    



·Intrinsically safe - independent research and development, independent innovation and independent intellectual property rights
·The State Administration of Work Safety Communication Information Center Produce Interphone
RFID 电子标签防伪,国家安监总局通信信息中心官方网站查询验证 · Through the anti-counterfeiting of RFID electronic tags, the official website of the Communication and Information Center of the State Administration of Work Safety
·With upside down, safety detection, emergency alarm, and four separate alarm functions, monitor the working status at any time to ensure life safety

Reliable quality

Exib BT3 ,可应用于防爆环境的 1 ,2 · Ex- incertified Exib II BT3 through intrinsically safe certification , can be applied to Zone 1 and Zone 2 of explosion-proof environment
, 在跌落后不会将电池裸露在外 , 防止意外发生 · Anti-drop explosion-proof structure , will not expose the battery after falling , to prevent accidents
· Passed five years accelerated aging test and rigorous testing of US military standards

Efficient and portable

· One-stop response, instant scheduling, keep in touch
·The body is medium in size, light in weight and easy to use, which is good for long-term use.
1600mAh 本安型镍氢防爆电池,提供约 14 小时的工作时间 · 1600mAh intrinsically safe nickel-metal hydride explosion-proof battery, providing about 14 hours of working time
·Accessories are available, intrinsically safe leather case, intrinsically safe hand microphone and ear microphone, skull type earphone, etc., advanced six-seat quick charger (used in non-hazardous places)

The main function

Battery charge detection

After setting this function, the intercom has a different prompt tone to characterize the battery full, full, dissatisfied, and low battery state.

Power-on self-test function

CPU 损坏, EEPROM 错误等),以便您及早发现机的故障。 The status of the machine is automatically detected at power-on, and there are corresponding prompts (such as CPU damage, EEPROM error, etc.) for different states , so that you can find the malfunction of the machine early.

2 音编解码 Enhanced 2- tone codec

This function can be set for each channel. When the transceiver receives the signal, there are automatic prompts and indicators to remind the user.

Embedded information and serial number

The embedded information can record historical records such as repair or write frequency for easy maintenance and service; the serial number can be read by the frequency writing software, and the dealer can use this function to identify products in different regions and times.

Automatic contact function

This function is very suitable for occasions such as mountain climbing, adventure, rescue, etc., which need to maintain close contact. The intercom can automatically keep in touch. Once the communication range is exceeded, the intercom will automatically send a prompt to remind the user.

Working alone

When this function is enabled, when the walkie-talkie reaches the set time, a beep will sound, and the user must press any key at this time to indicate that it is in a safe state; otherwise, the intercom will automatically alarm. This feature provides security for users in a single work environment.

Safety inspection

After setting this function, the call detection signal is sent by the control center or other users. When the walkie-talkie receives the detection signal, it will sound a tone. The user presses any key to indicate that it is in a safe state; otherwise, the walkie-talkie will automatically alarm.

Reverse alarm (optional)

After entering the reverse mode, if the machine is in the flat or inverted state for more than the set time, the walkie-talkie will automatically alarm. You can cancel the alarm by re-aligning the walkie-talkie.

Rental function

When the rental function is set, the renter can only use the walkie-talkie within the set time. After the specified time, it will not be used, and the renter must reset the use time.

Emergency alarm

(ENI) 或背景音发给同伴或系统。 When the user is in an emergency, press the alarm button, the walkie-talkie can sound an alarm at the maximum volume, and can also send his own identity (ENI) or background sound to the companion or system.

Software upgradeable (optional)

充分考虑到未来的适用性,当有新的功能增加时,您不必购买新机,可通过升级软件直接增加新的功能。 takes into account future applicability. When new features are added, you don't have to buy a new machine. You can add new features directly by upgrading the software.

·          General specifications        

Frequency Range

UHF: 440-490/400-450/350-390MHz VHF: 136-174MHz , UHF: 440-490/400-450/350-390MHz

Number of channels


Channel spacing

25 /20/12.5KHz

Operating Voltage



(镍氢电池) 1600mAh (NiMH battery)

5-5-90 工作循环) Average battery life ( 5-5-90 duty cycle)

14 小时 About 14 hours

Frequency stability

2.5ppm ± 2.5ppm

range of working temperature

~+ 50 -20 °C ~ + 50 °C

Antenna impedance

Ω 50 Ω

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

× 55 × 38mm 122 × 55 × 38mm

Weight (with antenna and battery)



·          Receiving part           


0.25 μ V 0.25 μ V

Adjacent channel selectivity


Mutual adjustment


Spurious response suppression


Signal to noise ratio


Rated audio output power


Rated audio distortion

3% 3%


·          Launch part        

Output Power




Clutter and harmonics


Residual frequency modulation


Audio distortion

3 % 3 %


·          TIA/EIA-603 标准测试,由于技术的不断发展,以上指标数据若有变更,恕不另行通知。 The above specifications are tested in accordance with the TIA/EIA-603 standard. Due to the continuous development of technology, the above indicator data is subject to change without prior notice.