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TC710 professional wireless walkie-talkie

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HYT 最新推出的一款功能全面、品质优异、性价比高的中高端专业手持对讲机。 TC-710 is HYT's latest high-end professional hand-held walkie-talkie with comprehensive functions, excellent quality and high cost performance. Its ergonomic shape and durable, lightweight design extend the life of the radio. Reversing alarms, emergency alarms and other security functions to effectively relieve your worries.       

Sound loud

使用直径为 40mm 的专业喇叭,声音洪亮,最大音频输出可达 1.5W ,确保您在嘈杂的环境中仍可以保持畅通的联系。 uses a professional speaker with a diameter of 40mm , which is loud and has a maximum audio output of 1.5W , ensuring that you can maintain a smooth connection in noisy environments.

Multiple security

提供了单独工作,安全检测,倒放报警(可选)等多种安全保障功能,切实为您的工作解除后顾之忧。 The TC-710 provides a variety of security functions, such as separate work, safety detection, and reverse alarm (optional), to effectively relieve your worries.

Innovative structure

The stylus interface design is used to effectively extend the service life.

Channel broadcast

When you switch on and switch channels, the radio will automatically play the current channel number, so that you can clearly understand your channel.

Built-in voice encryption

无法接收到真实的语音,充分保障了对讲双方通话的私密性,为公共安全通信和私人安全通信提供了更可靠的保障。 The unique scrambling technology is used to implement the voice encryption function, so that the without this function can not receive the real voice, fully guarantee the privacy of the talks, and provide a more reliable guarantee for public safety communication and private secure communication. .

Whisper function

Even if you speak with a small voice, the other party can hear a louder sound.

Proprietary voice processing module

9 级静噪设置,确保您可在嘈杂环境下清晰地通话。 Unique voice compression technology and flexible 9 -level squelch settings ensure that you can talk clearly in noisy environments.

Mac gain flexible setting

You can flexibly set the microphone gain according to different usage environments, adjust the effective distance between the user and the microphone, and ensure the call clarity.

VOX Non-voice VOX

VOX 功能是配合各种振动式 MIC 而设计,语音式 MIC 也可以配合使用。 When using the walkie-talkie, this function is developed to liberate the user's hands. The non-voice VOX function is designed to match various vibrating MICs , and the voice MIC can also be used together.

专有信令 HDC2400TM HDC1200 HYT proprietary signaling HDC2400TM and HDC1200

是海能达提供的专有信令,由它组成的系统可以完成身份识别、呼叫计时和录音、记录查询和统计,并能实现个呼、组呼、区呼、广播、遥毙、状态查询、安全检测、激活等功能。 HDC2400TM is the proprietary signaling provided by Hainengda . The system consists of identification, call timing and recording, record query and statistics, and can implement call, group call, zone call, broadcast, remote, and status. Query, security detection, activation and other functions.
提供的 HDC1200 信令可兼容 MDC1200 ,可实现 PTT Id (编码)、紧急报警(编码)、对讲机检测(解码)、遥毙(解码)、唤醒(解码)、呼叫提示(解码)及个呼、组呼、广播等功能。 The HDC1200 signaling provided by Hainengda is compatible with MDC1200 , which can realize PTT Id (encoding), emergency alarm (coding), walkie-talkie detection (decoding), remote decoding (decoding), wake-up (decoding), call prompt (decoding) and Call, group call, broadcast and other functions.

The main function

Power-on self-test function

CPU 损坏, EEPROM 错误等),以便您及早发现机的故障。 The status of the machine is automatically detected at power-on, and there are corresponding prompts (such as CPU damage, EEPROM error, etc.) for different states , so that you can find the malfunction of the machine early.

Battery charge detection

After setting this function, the intercom has a different prompt tone to characterize the battery full, full, dissatisfied, and low battery state.

2 音编解码 Enhanced 2- tone codec

This function can be set for each channel. When the transceiver receives the signal, there are automatic prompts and indicators to remind the user.

Embedded information and serial number

The embedded information can record historical records such as repair or write frequency for easy maintenance and service; the serial number can be read by the frequency writing software, and the dealer can use this function to identify products in different regions and times.

Automatic contact function

This function is very suitable for occasions such as mountain climbing, adventure, rescue, etc., which need to maintain close contact. The intercom can automatically keep in touch. Once the communication range is exceeded, the intercom will automatically send a prompt to remind the user.

Working alone

When this function is enabled, when the walkie-talkie reaches the set time, a beep will sound, and the user must press any key at this time to indicate that it is in a safe state; otherwise, the intercom will automatically alarm. This feature provides security for users in a single work environment.

Safety inspection

After setting this function, the call detection signal is sent by the control center or other users. When the walkie-talkie receives the detection signal, it will sound a tone. The user presses any key to indicate that it is in a safe state; otherwise, the walkie-talkie will automatically alarm.

Reverse alarm (optional)

After entering the reverse mode, if the machine is in the flat or inverted state for more than the set time, the walkie-talkie will automatically alarm. You can cancel the alarm by re-aligning the walkie-talkie.

Rental function

After the rental function is set, the renter can only use the walkie-talkie within the set time. After the specified time, it will not be able to continue to use, and the renter must reset the use time.

Emergency alarm

(ENI) 或背景音发给同伴或系统。 When the user is in an emergency, press the alarm button, the intercom can sound an alarm at the maximum volume, or send his or her identity (ENI) or background sound to the companion or system.

Software upgradeable (optional)

充分考虑到未来的适用性,当有新的功能增加时,您不必购买新机,可通过升级软件直接增加新的功能。 The TC-710 takes into account future applicability. When new features are added, you don't have to buy a new machine. You can add new features directly by upgrading the software.

Patrol registration function (optional)

巡更机可与巡更点 TX-92 TM-800 巡更控制中心、巡更管理软件、数据传输线共同组成一套实时(或非实时)传送信息的巡更系统。 The TC-710 patrol machine can be combined with the patrol point TX-92 , TM-800 patrol control center, patrol management software and data transmission line to form a real-time (or non-real-time) patrol system for transmitting information.

·          General specifications  

Frequency Range


Number of channels


Channel spacing

25 KHz/12.5KHz

Operating Voltage



(锂电池) 1700mAh (lithium battery)

(5-5-90 工作循环 ) Average battery life (5-5-90 duty cycle )

14 小时 More than 14 hours

Frequency stability

2.5ppm ± 2.5ppm

range of working temperature

~+60 -30 °C ~+60 °C

Antenna impedance

Ω 50 Ω

Dimensions (height x width x depth)  
(with battery, without antenna)

× 54 × 35mm 124 × 54 × 35mm

Weight (with antenna and battery)


·          Receiving part  


0.25/0.28 μ V 0.25/0.28 μ V

Adjacent channel selectivity


Mutual adjustment


Spurious response suppression


Signal to noise ratio


Rated audio output power


Rated audio distortion

5% 5%

·          Launch part  

Output Power




Clutter and harmonics


Residual frequency modulation

45/40dB 45/40dB

Audio distortion

3 % 3 %

·          TIA/EIA-603 标准测试,由于技术的不断发展,以上指标数据若有变更,恕不另行通知。 The above specifications are tested in accordance with the TIA/EIA-603 standard. Due to the continuous development of technology, the above indicator data is subject to change without prior notice.