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TC780 professional wireless walkie-talkie

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In public security, government agencies, port terminals, water conservancy and electric power, large-scale property hotels, logistics and other industries, due to the large number of people and the fine division of labor, it is often necessary to manage the staff in groups. LCD 显示屏及键盘的对讲机则往往不便于进行个性化呼叫及分组通讯管理,容易对工作造成不便,但是选择 HYT TC 780 这些问题将迎刃而解。 If you choose a walkie-talkie without LCD display and keyboard, it is often not convenient to carry out personalized call and group communication management, which is easy to cause inconvenience to the work, but the problem of selecting HYT TC - 780 will be solved. 是海能达集合最新模拟技术推出的一款带 LCD 显示屏及数字键盘的多功能中高端手持对讲机。 The TC-780 is a versatile mid- to high-end handheld walkie-talkie with LCD display and numeric keypad from Hainengda 's latest analog technology . 256 个信道能充分满足用户的分组调度需求。 Its Chinese display, numeric keypad, full-band bandwidth, and 256 channels can fully meet the user's packet scheduling requirements. 必将以其强大的功能、稳定的性能,为您带来最具性价比的使用体验。 TC-780 will bring you the most cost-effective experience with its powerful functions and stable performance.    

Multiple security

Safer and more secure! 提供了单独工作,安全检测,倒放(可选)三种安全保障功能。 offers three security features: separate work, safety detection, and reverse (optional). Give you more protection and effectively relieve your worries.

Wide frequency band

的宽频段充分满足了用户对不同频段的使用需求。 The wide frequency band of the TC-780 fully meets the user's needs for different frequency bands.

Sound loud

直径的大喇叭,声音洪亮清晰。 The large speaker of 40mm diameter has a loud and clear sound. 1.5W ;使您在噪杂的环境中仍可以保持畅通的联系。 The maximum audio output is 1.5W ; you can still maintain a smooth connection in noisy environments.

Channel broadcast

将自动播放当前的信道号,使您清楚地了解您所在的信道。 When you switch on and switch channels, the will automatically play the current channel number, so that you can clearly understand your channel.

Built-in voice encryption

The unique scrambling technology is used to implement the voice encryption function, so that the walkie-talkie without this function can not receive the real voice, fully guarantee the privacy of the talks, and provide a more reliable guarantee for public safety communication and private secure communication. .

Whisper function

Even if you speak with a small voice, the other party can hear a louder sound.

专有信令 HDC2400TM HDC1200 HYT proprietary signaling HDC2400TM and HDC1200

提供的专有信令,由它组成的系统可以完成身份识别、呼叫计时和录音、记录查询和统计,并能实现个呼、组呼、区呼、广播、遥毙、状态查询、安全检测、激活等功能。 HDC2400TM is the proprietary signaling provided by Hainengda . The system consists of identification, call timing and recording, record query and statistics, and can implement call, group call, zone call, broadcast, remote, and status. Query, security detection, activation and other functions.
HDC1200 信令可兼容 MDC1200 ,可实现 PTT Id (编码)、紧急报警(编码)、对讲机检测(解码)、遥毙(解码)、唤醒(解码)、呼叫提示(解码)及个呼、组呼、广播等功能。 The HDC1200 signaling provided by Hainengda is compatible with MDC1200 , which can realize PTT Id (encoding), emergency alarm (coding), walkie-talkie detection (decoding), remote decoding (decoding), wake-up (decoding), call prompt (decoding) and Call, group call, broadcast and other functions.

Has a secondary development interface

为您准备了二次开发接口功能。 The TC-780 has a secondary development interface function for you. / 加密,以及 GPS 肩咪。 Patrol registration / encryption, as well as GPS shoulder microphones.

The main function

Power-on self-test function

CPU 损坏, EEPROM 错误等),以便您及早发现机器的故障。 The status of the machine is automatically detected at boot time, and there are corresponding prompts (such as CPU damage, EEPROM error, etc.) for different states , so that you can find the machine fault early.

Software shutdown function

When the walkie-talkie is set to shut down the software, the walkie-talkie will continue to work according to your settings when the power switch is turned off. After completing the alarm and other functions, turn off all power and implement software shutdown.

Manual programming function

采用菜单式界面,在特定模式下允许您直接手动编辑信道设置、参数等。 The TC-780 uses a menu-driven interface that allows you to manually edit channel settings, parameters, etc. in a specific mode. Eliminate the limitations of computer programming.

Battery charge detection

After setting this function, the intercom has a different prompt tone to characterize the battery full, full, dissatisfied, and low battery state.

Embedded information and serial number

The embedded information can record historical records such as repair or write frequency for easy maintenance and service; the serial number can be read by the frequency writing software, and the dealer can use this function to identify products in different regions and times.

Working alone

When this function is enabled, when the walkie-talkie reaches the set time, a beep will sound, and you must press any key at this time to indicate that it is in a safe state; otherwise, the intercom will automatically alarm. This feature provides security for users in a single work environment.

Safety inspection

After setting this function, the call detection signal is sent by the control center or other users. When the walkie-talkie receives the detection signal, it will sound a tone. The user presses any key to indicate that it is in a safe state; otherwise, the walkie-talkie will automatically alarm.

Emergency alarm

(ENI) 或背景音发给同伴或系统。 When you are in an emergency, press the alarm button, the intercom can sound at the maximum volume, or send your own identity (ENI) or background sound to your partner or system.

Vibration function

TC-780 提供振动配件。 In certain circumstances, the walkie-talkie is required to provide silent prompts, and the TC-780 provides vibrating accessories.

Reverse function (optional)

If the user encounters a dangerous situation or is in an abnormal working state, causing the walkie-talkie to fall over the set time, the walkie-talkie will automatically alarm.

* (增强版功能) Patrol registration function, digital encryption * (enhanced version)

支持巡逻登记功能, TC-780 巡更机与巡更点 TX-90 、巡更控制中心、巡更管理软件、数据传输线共同组成一套实时(或非实时)传送信息的巡更系统;同时 TC-780 可支持数字加密,实现通话保密。 The TC-780 supports the patrol registration function. The TC-780 patrol machine and the patrol point TX-90 , the patrol control center, the patrol management software, and the data transmission line form a set of real-time (or non-real-time) patrol system. At the same time, TC-780 can support digital encryption to achieve call confidentiality.

Other functions

编解码 ;CTCSS/CDCSS; 语音压扩 ;MSK 无线复制 ; 电脑自动调测 ; 双优先扫描 ; 可调省电功能 ; 低电量报警 ; 遥毙 / 唤醒 ; 可编程按键 ; 脱网功能 ; 信道别名 ; 固定短信功能 ; 提示音可编程 ; 电池电量检测及显示 ; 自动回复 ;VOX 功能 ; 开机和数据密码保护 ; 场强指示 DTMF codec ; CTCSS/CDCSS; voice compression ; MSK wireless replication ; computer automatic commissioning ; dual priority scan ; adjustable power saving function ; low battery alarm ; remote / wake-up ; programmable button ; off-network function ; channel alias Fixed SMS function ; prompt sound programmable ; battery power detection and display ; automatic reply ; VOX function ; boot and data password protection ; field strength indication

·          General specifications

Frequency Range

UHF: 350-390MHz/400-470MHz, VHF: 136-174MHz

Number of channels


Channel spacing


Operating Voltage



(锂电池) 1700mAh (lithium battery)

(5-5-90 工作循环 ) Average battery life (5-5-90 duty cycle )

14h About 14h

Frequency stability

2.5ppm ± 2.5ppm

range of working temperature

~ +60 -25 °C ~ +60 °C

Antenna impedance

Ω 50 Ω

Dimensions (height x width x depth)

126.5 X 54 X 35mm

Weight (with antenna and battery)



·          Receiving part       


0.25/0.35 μ V 0.25/0.35 μ V

Adjacent channel selectivity


Mutual adjustment


Spurious response suppression


Signal to noise ratio


Rated audio output power


Rated audio distortion

3 3

         ·          Launch part    



Clutter and harmonic suppression

-36dBm<1GHz, -30dBm>1GHz

噪声 FM noise


Audio distortion

3% 3%

·          TIA/EIA-603 标准测试,由于技术的不断发展,以上指标数据若有变更,恕不另行通知。 The above specifications are tested in accordance with the TIA/EIA-603 standard. Due to the continuous development of technology, the above indicator data is subject to change without prior notice.