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Kenwood TK-2107/3107 handheld walkie-talkie, light and beautiful appearance, simple and easy to operate, the body is sturdy and durable, good heat dissipation, excellent hand feeling, clear communication voice, easy to carry.

Operating frequency range: 150 ~ 174 / 450 ~ 470MHz

16 frequency synthesis half duplex channels

RF output function: 5W / 4W

Built-in CTCSS function and DQT digital dumb audio function

SMA antenna socket, better electric steam characteristics

Computer writing frequency

Dimensions (width x height x depth): 58 x 125.5 x 32mm (with KNB-14 battery)

Weight: 330g (including KNB-14 battery)

Strong and strong

With an aluminum frame structure, the body is sturdy and durable.

Meet the US military standard

Through the US military standards MIL-810C, D, E rain, humidity, dust, vibration, shock and other five tests.


Small size, light weight, easy to carry, excellent hand feeling and excellent performance.

SMA wireless connector

Better electrical characteristics ensure good contact between the antenna and the base for optimum transmission or reception.

Computer writing frequency

Users can change the channel and parameters by computer writing frequency (KPG-55D writing frequency software, KPG-22 writing frequency cable).

5W high frequency output power

This machine uses a new FET power amplifier component to ensure stable transmission power output.

Easy to operate

Configure channels, volume knobs, PTT, monitor and other buttons, simple design, making operation very easy and convenient.

Channel storage

Using frequency synthesis technology, 16 frequency synthesis half-duplex channels can be stored.

Built-in CTCSS function and DQT digital dumb audio function

Built-in optional 38 sets of standard CTCSS dumb audio, or DQT digital dumb audio, can be used to initiate relay, prevent co-channel interference and group call use.

Two-color LED

Two-color LED showing the status of transmitting/receiving.

Launch time limit

In order to prevent long-term occupation of the channel, the handheld walkie-talkie is provided with a transmission time limit for continuous transmission.

Power saving function

When there is no input signal in the receiving state, it automatically enters the waiting state, reducing the power consumption of the receiving circuit, thereby prolonging the use time of the communication device.

Low voltage alarm

In use, when the voltage of the battery decreases, the red LED will flash and emit a long beep, indicating that the battery must be replaced.

Compatible option

The battery, charger, and earphone options selected for this unit are fully compatible with the TK278G/378G/388G.

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