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Operating frequency: 136-174, 350-390, 400-430, 440-480 MHz

Ergonomic streamlined shape and feel

Up to 16 channels, switching channel sound prompts

Dumb audio and digital dumb audio for start-up and shared channel grouping

DTMF decoding can be used as a selective call, auto answer

Priority scan for multi-channel instant response

Fleet Sync digital communication for PTT ID function and selective call function

Built-in VOX sound control launch operation for hands-free calling

Two programmable function keys, voice finishing function

Extra large speaker 500mW audio output, clear sound and bright

Extra large capacity battery for up to 14 hours of operation

Comply with US military standard MIL-STD810, European standard IP54 and IP55

Weight: about 360g (with KNB-29N battery)

Dimensions (width x height x depth): 54 x 122 x 33 mm (with KNB-29N battery)

Weight: about 360g (with KNB-29N battery)

Small and lightweight

The Kenwood designer designed the TK-2207/3207's beautiful appearance around ergonomics. It naturally fits the user's hand shape and feels very good. The channel knob uses elastomeric seams to ensure anti-slip effect, and the improved torque characteristics make the operation easier and more convenient. Channel sound prompt

When the channel knob is turned, the handheld walkie-talkie "reads out" the selected channel number, which is convenient and accurate for channel conversion only by sound. (Language: English, Chinese)

PTT ID and selective call

The TK-2207/3207 provides Kenwood's exclusive FleetSyncTM digital communication protocol for PTT ID and selective call.

Hands-free function

With the optional KHS-21 earphone, it can be used for hands-free function to make calls. Built-in VOX (sound control launch operation) Adjusts the PTT action with 10 levels of sensitivity. The VOX function is ideal for professional work and special tasks.

Priority scan

Scanning is a simple way to monitor multiple channels (up to 16 channels). The TK-2207/3207 provides standard scanning and priority scanning to enable instant response to calls on multiple channels without the need for manual search. Or replace the channel.

Programming function key

Two programmable function keys on the side of the TK-2207/3207 allow the user to define the functions that are suitable for use.

Mute/Digital Mute/DTMF

The dumb audio CTCSS and the digital dumb audio DQT are used for grouping when starting the relay and sharing channels. The DTMF telephone control code can send the up/down line code of the /wireless adapter, DTMF decoding can be used as the selective call, automatic answer, two The selective call format (FleetSync?, DTMF) has ringing prompts and LED display.

Audio output

The TK-2207/3207 is equipped with an extra large 32mm speaker and an audio power output of 500mW. It also provides clear and loud voice in noisy environments.

Battery working time

The optional KNB-29N NiMH battery is lightweight and easy to carry, with a working time of up to 14 hours. (Battery working time is calculated according to 5% emission 5% receiving 90% standby working cycle)

Rugged and waterproof

Rugged housing and aluminum frame, passed the “strong wind and rain” waterproof test of European standard IP54/55 and US military standard MIL-STD 810 and meet/reach 11 extremely rigorous MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F tests standard.

Other functions and features

Key lock, language collation, wireless copy

Adjustable (2nd gear) microphone sensitivity (FPU only).

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