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TK 2307.3307

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Product category: walkie talkie

VHF/UHF FM handheld walkie-talkie

Whether it is indoors or outdoors, it is sunny or rainy. Kenwood's compact TK-2307/3307 walkie-talkies ensure clear and stable communication, which is not comparable to other products. Based on proven design and enhanced and upgraded with enhanced features, the product's capabilities and performance meet the most demanding work requirements, thanks in part to its MIL-STD 810 and IP54/55 weather resistance standards. This model has an ergonomically designed look and combines features such as priority scanning, built-in VOX and voice scrambler. Undoubtedly, the dexterous and brand new TK-2307/3307 is bound to attract everyone's attention.

The small design TK-2307/3307's sleek and ergonomic contour naturally provides a comfortable fit, while the non-slip rubber channel knob features improved torque characteristics and an enlarged PTT button to ensure positive operation during operation. Haptic response.

Rugged and waterproof It can be used in a variety of harsh environments. The TK-2307/3307 has passed the rigorous IP54/55 waterproof and dustproof test in both cases with or without the optional KMC-45 speaker microphone. It also meets or exceeds 11 stringent MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F environmental adaptability standards, including “strong wind and rain”. Therefore, regardless of the weather, the TK-2307/3307 can always be ready to go.

Enhanced audio quality Clear audio means stable and confident communication, but output power is not the only factor that determines the ease of use of the radio in noisy environments. As an experienced audio expert, Kenwood incorporates the essence of decades of expertise in every step: component selection, assembly, optimization, evaluation and analysis. The resulting audio performance, especially for professional walkie-talkies, is undoubtedly crisper. Feel who is better!

Multi-signaling? QT/DQT/DTMF:
The walkie-talkie's encoder/decoder function uses QT/DQT to separate the talk groups so you can only hear calls from your group. The supplied DTMF PTT ID is used for scheduling operations or general remote control applications. DTMF decoding features include caller ID, ID reply, "Wang" group call and walkie-talkie.

• FleetSync? PTT ID, selective call and emergency call:
Using Kenwood's FleetSyncTM digital signaling protocol, the TK-2307/3307 manages scheduling operations through PTT ID (ANI: Automatic Number Identification) and selective call functions. In a dangerous/hostile work environment, the PF key can be programmed to inform the dispatcher and/or the attendant that they are at risk in an emergency and alert for help.

Built-in MDC-1200 signaling:
The TK-2307/3307 is also equipped with an MDC-1200 signaling protocol encoder/decoder for use in MDC-1200 scheduling operations. Features include PTT ID, emergency alert, remote/resurrection, and walkie-talkie check.

Programmable Function Buttons Two PF buttons can be programmed for any of the many functions available with the TK-2307/3307 and can be customized to your needs. At the same time, one of the keys can be programmed for emergency functions - use DTMF, FleetSync? or MDC-1200 signaling to transmit the distress signal to a pre-designated individual or group.

Separate Worker This unique feature provides additional security for individuals working in remote or hazardous areas. As long as the button is pressed regularly, the radio will operate normally. However, if it has not been operated for a long time (programmable), it will sound a warning. And if the user does not respond to the alert, the TK-2307/3307 will place an emergency call to the pre-set person or group.

Walkie-talkie Remote This feature disables lost or stolen walkie-talkies over the air to eliminate security risks.

Voice notifications The knobs and buttons on the transceiver provide voice confirmation of the walkie-talkie status or operating mode, which is convenient when you are not able to look at the TK-2307/3307 – for example, when you put it in your pocket. English is the default language, but you can switch to Russian, French, Spanish or Chinese.

Independent setup of each channel (VOX, compander, scrambler) The walkie-talkie channel* can be programmed separately for VOX, scrambler and compander functions. This means that you only need to change the channel (in fact, the same frequency) to turn a feature on or off.

The 16-channel TK-2307/3307 is widely used for multi-channel or radio system operation.

Built-in voice scrambling scrambler The voice scrambling scrambler ensures basic communication security and prevents random eavesdropping.

VOX Ready Use any optional headphones to enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation. A level 10 sensitivity adjustment is available, and the built-in VOX (voice-activated transmission) function automatically activates PTT when you start speaking. This is useful when performing special tasks or organizing an activity that requires hands-free operation and requires continuous or repeated communication.

Other functions

Read/write password protects wide/narrow bandwidth of each channel
BCL (busy channel lock)
Key lock
3-color LED (red, orange, green)
Scan delete/add
KENWOOD ESN (electronic serial number)
Microphone gain can be adjusted (via FPU): high or normal
Microsoft Windows? Whole computer programming and tuning

General function

Small design
- Sturdy waterproof
- Enhanced audio quality
- QT/DQT/DTMF signaling
- FleetSync PTT ID, selective call and emergency call
- Built-in MDC1200 signaling
- Programmable function buttons
- Separate workers
- Walkie-talkie
- Voice notification
- Independent setting of each channel (VOX, compander, scrambler)
- 16 channels
- Built-in voice scramble scrambler
- Vox function

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