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Weitex launches new commercial digital walkie-talkie in the Chinese market

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Cost-effective walkie-talkie solution to meet the needs of Chinese users for analog-to-digital conversion

Beijing China-   224 February 24 , 2016     威泰克斯LMR 公司 今天正式宣布在中国市场推出全套 The leading professional two-way walkie-talkie solution manufacturer, Weitex LMR , officially announced today that it will launch a full set of products in the Chinese market.   VZ TM Series walkie-talkie products . Designed for the specific needs of Chinese users, this digital UHF walkie-talkie is capable of freely converting signals from analog to digital. Target users are positioned in retailers, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and logistics warehouses.

部便携式对讲机和1个中继台,在模拟和数字两种模式下均可顺畅自如地进行通讯。 The new digital walkie-talkie solution includes 9 portable walkie-talkies and a repeater station for smooth communication in both analog and digital modes. 保证对讲机的连续性,让用户可以继续使用现有的模拟对讲机进行通讯,而其混合模式扫描功能则方便两个信道上语音通讯的无缝扫描,有助于同时使用模拟和数字对讲机的用户。 Its dual-mode operation ensures continuity of the walkie-talkie, allowing users to continue to communicate with existing analog walkie-talkies, while its mixed-mode scan function facilitates seamless scanning of voice communications on both channels, helping to use both analog and analog The user of the digital walkie-talkie. 功能,用户在任何模式下均可有效地进行联络和通讯。 With this automatic switching between different modes, users can effectively communicate and communicate in any mode.  

系列上做出了相当大的投资,为的就是要为中国客户提供一套完整的数字系列产品,使他们能有多种选择并且方便地实现无缝的模数转换。”威泰克斯中国区总经理蔡杰海说道。 “Weitex has made considerable investments in the VZ series in order to provide Chinese customers with a complete range of digital products, enabling them to have multiple options and to easily implement seamless analog-to-digital conversion. Said Cai Jiehai, general manager of Weitex China.

“The digital family of products is designed to meet a wide range of customer requirements for ease of use and quality.”

系列按照产品档次可分为两类。 The VZ series can be divided into two categories according to product grades. 型产品(即VZ-D263VZ-D271VZ-D281VZ-D288 )是针对商业用户设计的,具备多种扩展功能,比如先进的防水能力和较长的电池寿命。 The D2 models ( VZ-D263 , VZ-D271 , VZ-D281, and VZ-D288 ) are designed for business users with a variety of expansion features such as advanced water resistance and long battery life. 型产品(即VZ-D131VZ-D135VZ-D158VZ-D171VZ-D188 )及VZ-R30数字中继台则主要面向入门级市场,价位也相对适宜。 D1 products (ie VZ-D131 , VZ- D135 , VZ-D158 , VZ-D171 and VZ-D188 ) and VZ-R30 digital repeaters are mainly aimed at the entry-level market, and the price is relatively suitable.

About Weitex

公司 创立于1956年,总部设在日本东京,是一家生产双向无线通信设备的全球性制造商。 Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Weitex LMR is a global manufacturer of two-way wireless communication equipment. 多个国家,拥有2500多个分销商和经销商,企业宗旨是通过可靠,高性能的陆地移动式无线通信设备为客户创造更大的商业价值,并在全球范围内保持良好的公共安全水准。 With more than 2,500 distributors and distributors in more than 150 countries, the company's mission is to create greater business value for customers through reliable, high-performance land-based mobile wireless communications equipment, and maintain it globally. Good public safety standards. The Vertex walkie-talkie available in China is covered by a standard warranty to ensure maximum effectiveness. For more information on any of the Vertex Land Mobile Wireless devices, please visit   Or send an email to .