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Leading the private network communication Hainengda with the "full integration program" wonderful appearance in the 8th police fair

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On May 17, 2016, the 8th China International Police Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Police Expo) was grandly opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. The Police Expo is an international police equipment exhibition sponsored by the Ministry of Public Security of China. It aims to showcase the most advanced police equipment products, including police communications, anti-terrorism equipment, weapons and equipment, etc., providing development for the domestic and international police equipment industry. Platform.

At the 8th Police Expo, in the face of the future global public security industry communication needs, Hainengda released a “full integration solution” – building a new generation of informationized command and dispatch system as the leader, integrating more efficient and secure wide and narrowband communication networks and Multi-mode intelligent terminal; provides end-to-end integrated services such as voice, data, and image; meets the needs of private network users from a single voice demand to rich multimedia and data applications, allowing customers to cope with and control the whole situation.

Hainengda's fully integrated solution combines “higher intelligence, faster switching, more possibilities”. To meet the needs of customers in different work environments, to provide a comprehensive integration solution; and to bring new business models and experiences to users, to ensure efficient response to complex scenes.

The Hainengda exhibition area at the 8th Police Expo is very interesting. It consists of three parts: the operational command area, the integrated scene exhibition area, and the broadband integration exhibition area. The operational command area shows the complete police command and dispatch solution provided by Hainengda for the public security. Through the whole platform construction and information system, video image resources, communication resources, and command resources integration, a synthetic combat working mechanism is established to comprehensively improve the public security organs. The level of flat command, precise disposal, and integrated operations. Thereby achieving the requirements of command and dispatch work of “accurate information, fast response, and scientific decision-making”.

The wide and narrow band fusion exhibition area shows the wide and narrow band converged network architecture and equipment, and also shows the nationwide system, network management, and dispatch networking.

The comprehensive scene exhibition area shows the rich solutions provided by Hainengda under the work scenes of large-scale event security, anti-terrorism and stability, and daily traffic patrol. Among them, large-scale activities have a high level of security work, a wide range, a large span, a large number of personnel, and a long time. The communication security requirements on the site are very high. Hainengda's large-scale communication communication guarantee solution can meet this demand, and in the case of a surge in business volume, it can still maintain stable work and ensure timely delivery of important communication instructions.

Haengda has amazed the audience with its excellent product technology and solutions. It has attracted a lot of attention and has been interviewed by many media such as CCTV.