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Build a team of elite partners and build a road to prosperity for private networks--The first presidential club of Hainengda was held

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On May 20th, 2016, the first presidential club of Hainengda, with the theme of building a team of elite partners and building a network of communication booms, was held in the Jingwu Berman Hotel in Zhangjiajie City.

The President Club is mainly engaged in the discussion of business development and exchange learning. Nearly 30 outstanding agents from all over the country participated in the event. The event invited well-known practical channel management experts to discuss how to build a successful management team. A comprehensive explanation, the course contains the premise of "liberating" the boss is to establish a standard team; to go to the team standardization to go through nine "bridges"; to create a wolf sales service team "four characters"; the boss must choose to use It is good to "arms"; find "nuclear buttons" that effectively improve execution. The purpose is to enable partners to better build their own management team in the company management and enhance the dealer's enterprise management capabilities.

Teacher interacts with Tianmenshan team

Student game interaction

Warm up the whole game

One of the important aspects of the event, the leaders of Hainengda held a discussion with the excellent distributors, and exchanged views on their own problems and doubts in the business development.

Symposium scene

In the future, in the major projects to tackle the problem, the promotion of packaging on the demand for more manufacturers, in the new product training and related work skills training to increase efforts; wireless product sales department general manager Su Liang pointed out that Hainengda has always cultivated dealers' continued profitability The ability is the core, support agents to become bigger and stronger, go to more industry projects and large projects, the two sides to achieve more resource sharing, brand sharing.

The first presidential club photo

The first presidential club won the praise of the partners. “One step forward every day is the beginning of the lead; a little ahead every day is the beginning of success; a little success every day is the beginning of excellence.” This famous saying makes cooperation Partners know that success is a process of constantly changing and transcending self.