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Pioneering and Enterprising • Concentrating on the road • National linkage • Building the future together – Hainengda 2016 Partner Recruitment Conference National Tour is in full swing

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Gathering into a tower, the collection is a smashing. Only by gathering a small amount of power can we change the industry landscape.

In order to further promote the Huinengda channel marketing strategy, enhance the overall comprehensive competitiveness of the partners, and build a prosperous and developed channel ecosystem, Hainda launched the National Partner Recruitment Conference in March, which is “Promoting and Enterprising”. In order to join hands with more partners, in the "big number of waves", jointly develop a new blue sea in the field of private network communication!

Hainengda 2016 Partner Recruitment Conference Venue - Shenzhen Station

The recruitment meeting of the partners attracted more than 1,000 participants, including more than 180 first-level partners and nearly 400 second-level partners. In order to better support the business support of the partners, Hainengda proposed the layout of the channel cooperation in 2016: providing better services for partners, exporting more solutions, and exploring more market opportunities; building a full channel System, expand more sub-channels, develop more customer resources for partners; adhere to channel branding and transmission, increase investment in marketing, brand-driven marketing transformation, and encourage partners to become bigger and stronger.

Partner Recruitment Site Regional Strategy Introduction - Changchun Station

Partner Recruitment Conference On-site Authorization Ceremony - Shanghai Station

Next, let me reveal some highlights of the partner recruitment conference for everyone!

Highlight 1: The Haineng Partner Partner Capacity Improvement Program is officially launched

At the meeting, Haineng’s vice president Suo Liang announced that the partner capacity improvement plan was officially launched, which marked that Hainengda’s partner’s ability improvement plan was implemented. In the future, Hainengda will continue to develop more courses for a long time, helping partners to improve their solution capabilities, service capabilities, marketing capabilities, brand market capabilities, and management capabilities to build a dynamic ecosystem of partners.

During the conference, nearly 100 partners actively participated in the first and second courses of sales skill improvement training. Through the study, the partners deeply felt that they have benefited a lot. At the same time, they expressed their hope to improve themselves through learning and the pace of progress with Shanghai. A leap with Hyundai.

The first phase of the Haineng Partner Capacity Enhancement Program (Business Capability Training) - Chengdu Station

Hainengda Partner Capacity Enhancement Program (Business Capability Training) Phase II Site - Shenzhen Station

The Haineng Partner Partner Enhancement Program includes two parts: Business Capability Training and President Club. The grassroots employees of the partner can learn more sales skills, solution capabilities, after-sales service capabilities and marketing capabilities through business capability training. The top partner partners in each region will have the opportunity to enter the Presidential Club of Hainengda. The members of the club enjoy the targeted management of Hainda’s business management courses, from the perspective of business management, human resource management, and corporate strategy. And financial management and other aspects of the system to cultivate and enhance the elite partners, to help partners grow rapidly.

Highlight 2: The style of the country shows the comprehensive strength of Hainengda partners

This year's Partner Recruitment Conference is different from previous years. In order to better grow and work together with partners, Hainengda invited more than ten national partners to participate in the national tour recruitment. During the conference, Hainengda National Day The partners introduced the company's basic situation, agency products and 2016 partner policy. The speech of Hainengda's country not only gave the partners a good platform to showcase the company, but also a kind of encouragement and affirmation that the partners have long supported. I hope that in the future, Hainengda and its partners will continue to work together to build a special project. Netcom is prospering in the future.

Partner Recruitment Meeting on behalf of the national partners on the stage of a passionate speech - Beijing Railway Station

Highlight 3: Partner's secondary development product bloom venue

In addition to the comprehensive display of Hainengda products and system solutions to the partners, Haineng also set up a partner secondary development product area, which gave the partners a good platform to fully demonstrate the company's strength and solutions. The secondary development product is a customized segment of the partner based on the function of Hainengda products, which is in line with the strategic layout of Hainengda's “systematic solution”. The same demonstration of Hainengda products and secondary development products, while fully demonstrating Hainengda products and their derivative functions, is also an affirmation of the secondary development capability of the partners, and hopes to continue to strengthen the depth in the future. Cooperate to build a system of innovation and ecosystem that belongs to Hainda products and derivative.

Hainengda products and solutions and partners' secondary development products on the same stage - Chengdu Station

“Pioneering and Enterprising? Gathering Forward” Hainengda 2016 Partner Recruitment Conference has been successfully held in Beijing, Changchun, Chengdu, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Through the transmission of Hainengda brand concept, the display of product value, and the successful case sharing, more and more partners and customers have learned about Hainengda, and at the same time, Hainda has actively explored the channel market and grow together with partners. Determination.

Haineng Partner Recruitment Partners Photographing Memorial - Chengdu Station

In the future, Hainengda will continue to increase the support of its partners, help its partners to grow rapidly, and encourage partners to cooperate with Hainengda to achieve the transformation from single product output to consultancy solution output, and at the same time The ability to develop, to achieve mutual complementarity, and work together.