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Hainengda helps urban rail transit development urban rail transit communication localization application forum held in Changsha

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Recently, the “2016 Urban Rail Transit Wireless Communication Localization Application Development Summit Forum” jointly sponsored by Changsha Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd., RT “Rail Transportation” magazine and Hainengda Communication Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Changsha.

At present, under the trend of urbanization and globalization, the rapid expansion of urban rail transit construction has put forward new and higher requirements for urban rail transit safety, especially communication system security. Under the current new situation, how to use system technology innovation, especially the localization technology innovation strongly advocated by the state, to build a safer and more reliable differentiated competitive advantage has become the focus of people in the urban rail transit communication field. The convening of this event is to further promote the promotion and application of the localization system of China's rail transit wireless communication, and promote the transformation of localization results of rail transit equipment.

At the forum, Suo Liang, Vice President of Hainengda Communication Co., Ltd. made a keynote report on “Application of Private Network Communication Based on Rail Transit Industry”. The Hytera TETRA system has been accumulated in overseas markets for many years and has a wide range of applications. Currently, it has been applied in the national safety net in the Netherlands, the national safety net in Peru, the national safety net in Macedonia, and the transformation of seven subway lines in Santiago. . The excellent performance of the company's products once brought great shock to the industry. In the United Kingdom, the United States, Chile, Venezuela and other international markets, Haineng has global competition in the world's top communications companies. The success of many projects is the high recognition of the quality and reliability of Hainda products by customers around the world.

At present, Hainengda Urban Rail Transit Communication Solution has successfully applied the Chilean Santiago Metro, the German Tram, and the Hong Kong Subway, winning wide acclaim from customers around the world. In 2014, Hainengda achieved zero breakthrough in its own rail transit own TETRA system. In just one and a half years, it took three lines of Shenzhen Metro 7, 9, and 11, Changsha Metro Line 1 and Line 3, and Xiamen Line 1 and other projects.

As an important livelihood project, the first priority of urban rail transit development is safety and reliability, and the communication system is the key to ensuring safe, reliable and accurate operation of the subway. Hainengda has been serving rail transit customers for 20 years and has been strictly controlling quality. They are strictly required by the highest standards of international communication products. When they design products for rail-crossing customers, they put up 80% of their energy in terms of product reliability. They should give priority to their actual needs than industry customers. Customers are more convenient to use, communicate more smoothly and reliably, and are more conducive to updating and maintenance. For example, the Hytera TETRA system can be flexibly upgraded according to customers, providing a single-station system to a nationwide network. At the same time, the compatibility is higher. The port is very open to domestic ports, and it can be more easily developed in subsequent use to provide a specific solution that is more suitable for the actual needs of customers.

Mr. Cui Wei, Director of TETRA Systems, and Mr. Wang Shen, General Manager of Haineng Application and Solution Product Line, gave a keynote report on “Building a Platform Strategy for Highly Reliable Rail Transit Industry Solutions”, detailing the company’s track Solutions and successful application cases for the transportation industry.

At the meeting, Xu Shangnong, chief engineer of Changsha Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd. delivered a speech. He introduced the construction planning and track construction of Changsha rail transit network in detail, and gave a detailed introduction to the development needs of Changsha rail transit localization. Changsha Rail Transit Line 1 adopts a complete set of unlimited communication solutions provided by Hainengda to ensure daily train operation and management. Changsha Rail Transit Line 1 is also the first subway project in the country to use the national TETRA standard communication equipment.

In addition, the organizers also organized a guest discussion session, which focused on topics such as the development of TETRA system for urban rail transit and the issues to be solved, and the interconnection and intercommunication between TETRA systems.

As one of the important activities of this summit forum, Hainengda also presented the safe, reliable and self-developed TETRA system and overall solution to the guests. (China Quality News Network reporter Wang Yali)

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